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Berlin: Harun Farocki Residency

Who: International artists, film makers, curators, researchers

Section: Film/ Cinema

Duration: 3 months

Goethe-Institut (Film, Television, Radio Division), in co-operation with Harun Farocki Institut, is implementing an annual residency programme for film, commencing in 2016.

The Harun Farocki Institut is charged with preserving and curating the work of film artist and author Harun Farocki, who died 30 July 2014. It seeks to keep alive and extend his singular practice of investigating and commenting contemporary and historic imagery, and to promote and support new artistic and theoretical work.

The focus is to develop visual competence with regard to the production and reception of analogue and digital film imagery as well as build up capacities to artistically research past, contemporary, and future work space realities and find adequate representational means for them.