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Cassis: Camargo Residency

Who: Individual artists, scholars and groups of up to four people from Germany and the Mediterranean region. At least one participant must have his or her main residence in Germany.

Section: Art in public space, urban development, architecture, sustainability, site-specific projects, performance, interactive installations, light and sound installations and participative projects.

Duration: 4 weeks

The Goethe-Institut France and the Camargo Foundation have awarded the residency annually since 2014.

As part of Marseille-Provence’s tenure as European Capital of Culture in 2013, it was possible to develop innovative approaches to art in urban space by artists, scholars and cultural and social actors in Marseille and the PACA region. The residency programme will continue these developments in the context of the current challenges of the region (Calanques National Park, the future metropolis of Aix-Marseille-Provence, gateway to the Mediterranean). The aim is to enrich the international and interdisciplinary dialogue amongst various users (artists, scholars, tourists and the local population).

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