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Goethe auf Mallorca

Miss United Nations Congress 1963 Photo: Archivo Planas

Who: Artists that live and work in Germany 

Section: Visual arts, Curation

Duration: 6 weeks

Information about the last call for application: 


The Centre for Artistic Research and Contemporary Culture, Casa Planas, promotes a residency programme aimed at artists and thinkers in the field of contemporary art living in Germany.

There is an urgent need to draw a new cultural cartography that includes the cultural consequences of contemporary global mobility. Projects are sought that have a social impact and are related to the themes of archive, postcard, landscape, tourism and memory.

This programme offers creative support and meetings between artists, curators, society collectives and professionals in the field.

Targeted Candidates

Artists that live and work in Germany


Ursula Wahl
Goethe-Institut Barcelona

Aleli Mirelman
Casa Planas

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