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Italy: Nouveau Grand Tour 2023
Institut français d'Italie

Visual Nouveau Grand Tour © Institut français d'Italie

Who: young talents under 30 years of age, also groups (performing arts), who have German, French or Dutch citizenship or have been resident in Germany, France or the Netherlands for three years

Section: all arts

Duration: numerous partners, varying duration, depending on location (period 2023/24)

Deadline for submissions:  31 May 2023

Information about the call for application: 

The New Grand Tour is a multidisciplinary program aimed at artists of all fields: Visual Arts (painting, sculpture, photography, audiovisual, etc.), Performing arts (theater, dance, circus, performance, music and sound design), and cultural and creative industries (fashion, design, architecture and landscape architecture, gastronomy, arts and crafts). In the case of the performing arts, some partner institutions may also host groups or collectives.

The program aims to provide a contemporary form of the 19th century Grand Tour, offering the selected young artists the opportunity to be accompanied in their artistic research and creation process without any production constraints, while interacting with various local cultural actors. Organized by the Institut français d'Italie and the French Embassy in Rome, the program is made possible by the Franco-German Youth Office. In 2023 it also has the support of the Goethe-Institut, the Embassy of the Netherlands and the Mondrian Foundation. In Italy, 26 residency programs cooperate with the “Nouveau Grand Tour”.

Benefits of the programme

  • travel expenses
  • accommodation
  • stipend 1,000 € (for each full month, otherwise pro rata)
  • production cost subsidy max. 500 €
  • studio and supervision if applicable (depending on location)

Date of residency

Numerous partners, varying duration, depending on location (period 2023/24).


Participants should be proficient in English or Italian. Detailed information can be found in the call for applications as PDF: 

Application procedure

Written application with:

  • CV
  • portfolio
  • motivation letter
  • letter of recommendation
  • application form

until 31 May 2023


Institut français d'Italie: nouveaugrandtour@institutfrancais.it

More Information

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