(Re)-Collecting Europe – Journalism Residency - London/UK - Goethe-Institut

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(Re)-Collecting Europe – Journalism Residency - London/UK

Banksy does Brexit (detail) Foto: dullhunk Foto (crop): dullhunk © https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Who: Journalist by profession and living in the UK or another European Country.

Section: Journalism

Duration: Four Weeks 

Closing date for applications: 10. January 2020

Information about the last call for application:

Short description of the programme 

(Re)-Collecting Europe is a residency programme devised by the Goethe-Institut London. It aims at fresh and emerging journalistic voices encouraging critical thinking and creative debate. Against the backdrop of the UK’s departure from the EU the journalists-in-residence will examine the social and cultural impact Brexit will have on the civil society in the UK.