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Nida: Residency Scholarship for "Nida Art Colony"

Nida Art Colony © Nida Art Colony

Who: Graduates of four German art colleges, who have graduated in the last six years and been nominated by their teachers (who have in turn been proposed by the Fine Arts Council of the Goethe-Institut)

Section: Visual Arts

Duration: 2 months

Together with the Nida Art Colony of the Vilnius Academy of Art, the Goethe-Institut Lithuania is awarding a two-month grant for a representative of professional visual arts from Germany.

The Nida Art Colony stands for innovative educational and cultural projects in the area of the arts, in which the creative energies from Lithuania and from abroad are combined. The modern spaces of the residence are located on the Curonian Spit, a 98 km long peninsula separating the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea.

Recipients can benefit from the international networking and the numerous accompanying events of the Nida Art Colony and also present their works to the public as part of the Thomas Mann Festival in Nida.