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Prague: Residencies for cultural practice

Who: Artists, curators, art critics, cultural producers

Section: Visual Arts, Cultural Criticism & Cultural Theory, Curation

Duration: 4 – 8 weeks, by agreement

Together with the Goethe-Institut in Prague, the Meetfactory Centre for Contemporary Art sponsors a residency programme that aims at various fields of cultural work and is intended to foster trans-local cultural practice through residency stays. Both institutions thus tie into their long-standing cooperation in the field of artist-in-residence programmes and extend it to include other actors in the field of culture.

The aim of the programme is the mutual transfer of knowledge, ideas, concepts and formats generated by cultural practitioners in Germany and the Czech Republic. The residency stay is intended to mobilise this know-how and introduce it into and make it effective in the other cultural context. Contacts will build a network that will in turn form the foundation for joint projects.

The programme is deliberately designed to be open and address a broad range of cultural practices: critics and curators in the area of contemporary art and cultural practitioners in the area of time-based art forms (performance, video, installation).