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Tetovo: A.R.T.

Who: Artists from Germany

Section: Visual Arts

Duration: 4 weeks in October/November

A.R.T. – Artist-in-Residence Tetovo is a residency programme for artists from Germany who want their work to contribute to the political and social multi-ethnic context of the city of Tetovo and there to work together with young local artists.

The residency programme takes place in autumn in the Centre for Balkan Cooperation LOJ; following consultation, it begins in the course of October and lasts one month.

LOJA provides artists in the areas of photography, video art, media art, installations and interventions in public space with housing, possibilities for working and basic equipment. Special needs and requests for equipment will be met, as far as local capacities make this possible, in consultation with the artist.

So far two artist residencies, in 2012 and 2013, have been successfully completed.

A.R.Tetovo gives artists the opportunity to develop new ideas and to experiment with their existing work in new surroundings. The young and growing independent scene makes Tetovo an inspiring field of experimentation for politically and socially influenced art.

The cities of Skopje and Pristina (Kosovo) are nearby and in recent years more and more artists and audience have been attracted by events in Tetovo. The aim of A.R.Tetovo is to offer artists and their work a new and still largely undiscovered environment in which the exchange, development and discussion of new visions and ideas can take place in the local art scene. The result will be presented to the public in an appropriate format at the end of the stay.

Project partners of A.R.T. – Artist-in-Residence Tetovo are the Centre for Balkan Cooperation LOJ and the Goethe-Institut Liaison Office Skopje.

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