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Residency Program Tijuana, Mexico

Residenz Tijuana © Goethe-Institut Mexico

Last call for application

Who: Applicants should be artists whose work is related to photography and who have already completed their education. They should be receptive to the hosting country’s culture and should at least have basic conversation skills in the Spanish language. Good knowledge of the English language is a general participation requirement.

Section: Visual Arts

Duration: 6–12 weeks between the beginnings of September and the middle of December 2019

Closing date for applications: June 30th, 2019

Information about the last call for application:

Short description of the programme

Every year in autumn, Goethe-Institut Mexiko in cooperation with the art organization Relaciones Inesperadas conducts a residency program in the border town Tijuana, Mexico. The program targets young visual artists working with photography who live and work primarily in Germany. During the residency, the artist is supposed to develop a personal project and organize workshops for local students. The artist oughts to present their own working approach at the beginning of the project and to finish their residency with a final presentation of the project results. The format of this final presentation is open but may be developed as a consecutive exhibition to be also shown in Mexico-City, among other places.


Sybille Ellermann
Cultural program coordination (music and exhibitions)
Tel.: +52 55 5207 0487
Fax: +52 55 5207 5194