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Buenos Aires: En tránsito

Who: Literary Translators from Germany

Section: Literature/ Translation

Duration: 1 month

The success of a literary translation presupposes an experienced translator who is thoroughly familiar with the latest language processes and developments in the country of his mother tongue, and is also intensively engaged with the culture of this language. At the same time, translators are crucial transporters of literature, both in their own and in the target language.

For this reason, beginning in 2012 with “En tránsito” the TyPA Foundation (Buenos Aires), together with the Literarisches Kolloquium Berlin (LCB) and the Goethe-Institut Buenos Aires, and within the context of the programme “Buenos Aires: Übersetzungsport” (i.e. Buenos Aires: translation port), will award two grants to a German-language and an Argentinian translator. They will have an opportunity to work on their current projects for one month in Berlin or Buenos Aires respectively, as well as to make use of the time for meetings with local partners and translators.

A dedicated German-Argentinian network can ultimately emerge from such encounters, and set new impulses fort he translation sector on the Rio de La Plata.