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Chongqing: Fellowship in Curation and Visual Arts

Who: Curators, Visual Artists from Germany

Section: Curation/ Visual Arts

Duration: 4 weeks

Chongqing is in many respects a special city in China. With a population of around 30 million inhabitants, Chongqing, one of only four municipal provinces in China, is one of the largest cities in the world. In this bustling megacity in western China two residency programmes have been established. 

The first programme, initiated by the Goethe-Institut China and the Organhaus Art Space, is aimed at Chinese and German art curators who seek a cross-cultural dialogue on new concepts and formats. The focus is on the exchange of experiences and the joint development of ideas for exhibitions and their realization at a platform provided by Organhaus Art Space and specializing in the experimental use of variable media. 

The second programme was founded in 2014 in cooperation with the Chongqing 501 Xu Space. It provides the opportunity to plunge into the Chinese art scene, develop China-related projects and build or deepen sustainable working contacts with local art organizations and artists through personal encounters with local artists.

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