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Kinshasa: Artist residency

Who: Artist working primarily in Germany; French skills are very advantageous

Section: Visual Arts

Duration: 4 weeks

Every year, the Académie des Beaux-Arts and the Goethe-Institut invite one artist to Kinshasa who deals with urban issues in order to bring students of the academy into contact with artists from Germany of various genres and learn about how they work. The artist is invited to deal with urban issues, urban development and architecture, including interior design. The outcome of the residency is open-ended. Ideally, the four-week stay would conclude with a presentation. 

The artist is accommodated in the guesthouse on the academy grounds. The academy was founded in 1943 by the Belgian missionary Marc Wallenda and has been in this location since 1949. It presently has two sections: the visual arts with the fields of sculpture, ceramics, painting and metal and the graphic arts with the fields of interior architecture and visual communication. At the beginning of the residency, there is a meeting with the students where they and the artist can get to know one another in a relaxed atmosphere. 

The residency programme was launched in 2016 for a period of three years.

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