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Porto Alegre: Midia Art Lab Mercosul

Who: Media artists from Germany and the Mercosul countries

Section: Visual Arts

Duration: 2 months

Art with time-based media experiments with modern communication technologies. Inter-cultural dialogue is inscribed in media art. But today artists too must be mobile, and not only in the virtual world. Fellowships abroad provide the opportunity for inter-cultural exchange.

The Goethe-Institute of the Mercosul countries want to foster this exchange through a two-month residency programme for media artists from Germany and from Mercosul countries. This is part of a cooperation with the Institute of Informatics at UFRGS (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul), which is the largest public university in southern Brazil.

The artists will work together for two months in Porto Alegre and will realize a media art project. The work will be presented at the Goethe-Institut Porto Alegre and in the host countries of the participating Goethe-Instituts.

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