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Radio Art Residency

Radio Art Residency © Radio Art Residency

Who: Applications are open to radio artists, performance artists and sound artists from non-German-speaking countries and without permanent residence in Germany. Experience in radio production is not necessarily required, but the interest in the engagement with the medium and in developing an artistic approach for radio.

Section: Media Art, Music

Duration: Three Months – Bi-annually from September til November, and from March til May 

Closing date for applications: 20 October 2019

Radio Art Residency is an international fellowship program for artistic practice on the radio. In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut, Radio CORAX offers a three-month residency twice a year in Halle (Saale) for artists from non-German speaking countries.

The residence program was created to provide a field of experimentation for artistic processes. The program encourages artists of various disciplines to explore narrative and technical possibilities of the medium of radio and specifically promotes the exploration of radio as an instrument for communication. The program is addressed to artists who intend to use the medium not only as an exhibition space for their artistic works but as a medium of real time.
The residence in Halle (Saale) is intended to provide both inspiration and artistic orientation for the scholarship holders. The aim of the fellowship is to support the development of independent artistic works, rather than the realization of an already completed work. The scholarship provides curatorial supervision and technical support by Radio CORAX. During the three-month stay, the scholarship holders will get to know the German radio scene, local radio professionals and artists in order to exchange ideas and gain inspiration from the intercultural dialogue.
Radio CORAX is a non-commercial local radio that can be received on the FM frequency 95.9 MHz in the Halle (Saale) area and via live stream 24 hours a day. As a community-based radio, CORAX operates with an emancipatory claim of social equality and individual freedom. The aim is to give all people access to radio in this sense. With about 100 regular transmissions and 300 radio makers, Radio CORAX is the largest non-profit radio in Eastern Germany. Radio CORAX has long experience in hosting conferences, festivals and workshops. The radio is an active contributor to national and international community media networks. After hosting the international radio festival Radio Revolten in 2006 and 2016 and being engaged in the radio art network Radia since 2006, with the Radio Art Residency Radio CORAX intends to create a continuous space for radio art.
The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach. It promotes knowledge of the German language abroad and fosters international cultural cooperation. Within the framework of its film, TV and radio division, the Goethe-Institut provides information about the German media landscape. It initiates networking, provides exchanges and facilitates projects between German and international media professionals. The Radio Art Residency is the first of its kind within the network of the Goethe-Institut. It provides the grantees with possibilities to benefit from the multi-facetted cultural activities of the Goethe-Institut.

Current call for application - March 2020


March – May
September – November 


Target Audience
The program is addressed to artists working in the field of time-based and acoustic arts (radio, performance and sound artists). Applications are open to artists from non-German speaking countries and without residence in Germany.
Although experience in radio production is not necessarily required, an interest in the engagement with the medium and in developing an artistic approach for radio is expected.

Benefits of the Radio Art Residency
  • Financing of arrival and departure expenses
  • Provision of accommodation in Halle (Saale) for 3 months
  • A monthly scholarship rate of 2,300 euros (includes material and production costs as well as costs for local transport and travelling that may be incurred)
  • Access to curatorial supervision and technical support by Radio CORAX
  • Networking with relevant artists and institutions via the network of Radio CORAX  and the Goethe-Institut as far as possible 
  • If possible, a German language course at a Goethe-Institut in the country of residence 

Time frame of the residency
The upcoming Radio Art Residency takes place from March 1 to May 29, 2020.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to postpone the timeframe of the residency?
The time frame of the residency is scheduled for a stay of 90 days from March 1 to May 29, 2020, with a deviation of a maximum of ten days.

Is it necessary to participate in the entire three months (90 days) of the residency?
Yes, the scholarship obliges the artist to reside in Halle (Saale) for the entire three months and not be absent for more than 14 days.

Do I have to bear the costs of the visa?
No, the Goethe-Institut bears the costs of the visa. The stipendiary must ensure that the visa is obtained, if necessary the Goethe-Institut supports the stipendiary in organizing the visa.

Is it possible to apply with a collaborative project?
The residency program is intended for one artist. A shared fellowship / collaborative project would mean sharing the grant. Also, you have to be aware of additional costs for accommodation and travel expenses.

Is the accommodation appropriate for families?
The artist residency is only conditionally family-friendly, since the accommodation provided is a single room apartment.

How to apply – Application documents

Applications must be written in English and contain the following documents:

Curriculum vitae
With full contact details, educational background and an overview of your artistic career to date (residencies, other scholarships), 2 pages maximum.

Letter of motivation
Please describe your motivation for participating in the residency program in a maximum of 2 pages. Please also specify which project you would like to work on during your stay. Since the scholarship allows process-based and open-ended artistic work, a fully elaborated project is not required. Please describe your approach to the medium instead.

Please send us a short portfolio that gives an insight into your previous artistic work.

Format of Application 
Please submit your application as one single PDF document. Audio files may be sent via e-mail

Application Deadline
Please send your application until October 20, 2019, 11:59 pm CET to: residency@radiocorax.de

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More information

Radio Art Residency is a project by Radio CORAX in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut. The program is co-funded by the state Saxony-Anhalt.

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