Radio Art Residency

Who: Musicians, performance artists within the radio context, sound artists and media artists from non-German-speaking countries and without permanent residency in Germany.

Section: Music, Media Artists

Duration: Bi-annually from September til November, and from March til May.

In cooperation with Radio Corax and supported by the Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt, the Film, Television and Radio Division of the Goethe-Institut headquarters offers a three-month residency for radio artists* in Halle (Saale) twice a year. 

The Radio Art Residency was established in 2017. In Halle (Saale), radio artists, performance artists* with a connection to radio and sound artists have the opportunity to experiment with the medium of radio, to explore narrative and technical possibilities and to make their radio art audible "on air". During the three-month stay, the scholarship holders will get to know the German radio scene and local radio professionals in order to exchange ideas and be inspired by intercultural dialogue. 

The scholarship provides access to curatorial supervision and technical support by the broadcasters in Halle. Radio Corax is a non-commercial local radio that can be received on the FM frequency 95.9 MHz in the Halle/Saale area and via live stream 24 hours a day.

Benefits of the Radio Art Residency:

  • If possible, a German language course at a Goethe-Institut in the country of residence
  • Financing of arrival and departure expenses
  • Provision of accommodation in Halle (Salle) for 3 months
  • A monthly scholarship rate of 2,300 euros
  • Networking with relevant artists and institutions via the network of the Goethe-Institut and Radio Corax
The scholarship is open-ended. However, during the residency period, scholarship holders have the opportunity to work on projects that can be broadcast on Radio Corax.

Time frame of the residency

The Radio Art Residency takes place twice a year from September to November and from March to May.


Applications are open to radio artists, performance artists with a connection to radio and sound artists from non-German-speaking countries and without residence in Germany.​

Application documents

Applications must be written in English and contain the following documents:​

Curriculum vitae
With full contact details, details of your education and an overview of your artistic career to date (residencies, other scholarships)​

Letter of motivation
Please describe your motivation for participating in the residency program in a maximum of 2 pages. Please also specify which project you would like to implement during your stay in Halle (Saale).​

Please send us a short portfolio that gives an insight into your previous artistic work. 

Please submit your application documents for the residency beginning in March 2019 from November 1st until November 30th here: