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San Pedro de La Paz/Southern Chile: “Artivistic“ Residency Environment+Art

“Artivistic“ Residency in Southern Chile: ENVIRONMENT+ART, Los Batros - Laguna Grande (Lake) Photo (detail) © Flavia Hechem

Who: Visual artists of German nationality or residents in Germany. It is essential that the participant speaks fluent Spanish and is willing to get involved with the culture and specificity of the region. 

Section: Visual Arts  

Duration: 4 weeks (November 15th until December 15th, 2019) 

Closing date for applications: July 31, 2019 

Galería Metropolitana and the Goethe-Institut Chile are offering a new residency program in which art and environmental issues overlap. German or German-based visual artists are invited to spend a month exploring wetlands whose ecological functions as regulators of hydrological systems and as habitats for characteristic fauna and flora - especially waterfowl - are of fundamental importance. The residency takes place in the wetland Laguna Grande - Los Batros in the municipality of San Pedro de La Paz, 600km south of Santiago, Chile. 

The resident has the opportunity to spend about four weeks researching the Laguna Grande intensively, working with scientists and experts from the University of Concepción as well as the local community and art scene. For the beginning of December, parallel to the opening of the 25th World Climate Summit (COP25), a closing event is planned in the Galería Metropolitana in Santiago, which can consist of a workshop, work in progress, a conference or similar. 

Laguna Grande

The "Laguna Grande" is the heart of the extensive wetlands around Concepción, the capital of the Chilean Biobío region. Due to its unique biodiversity, these 600 hectares are of great importance for the natural heritage of southern Chile and also play an important role in research in areas such as ecology, geography and biology. In addition, the Laguna Grande is an important park for the inhabitants of the second largest city in Chile. Recently, a group was formed to protect the Los Batros - Laguna Grande wetland and declare it a nature reserve. 


The winner of this call for proposals is going to be accommodated in a cabin of Galería Metropolitana from mid-November until mid-December of 2019. It is located on the shore of Laguna Grande in the municipality of San Pedro de La Paz, Concepción, Chile. 

The cabin is exclusively available to the resident and encompasses a bedroom with a double bed, a multifunctional workplace with a table, a sofa bed, a wood stove, a sound system and a simple kitchen; a bathroom with a hot water shower as well as a terrace. 

The hosts are going to establish contacts with environment specialists, agents of the art scene and organizations protecting the area’s natural heritage. 
The residency offers the resident meals as well as the following: 
  • A kayak for trips in the lagoon
  • A mobile device with internet access
  • Transportation to / from the place of residency


  • Until July 31, 2019 – Open Call
  • August 15, 2019  – Winner announcement
  • November 15 until December 15, 2019 (approximate dates)  – Residency in Laguna Grande
  • December 14, 2019 (approximate date) – Finalization of the residency in Galería Metropolitana in Santiago de Chile.



Applications are open to visual artists of German nationality or residents in Germany. There is neither an age limit nor a restriction with regard to education, professional orientation or other factors. The artist should be interested in conducting surveys or the beginning of a field research, as well as in recording the social processes on site. This research should generate visual and conceptual reflection and at best contribute to the process of saving and conserving the Los Batros wetland and/or the Laguna Grande de San Pedro.

The way the artist works can be diverse and ultimately lead to a document, photograph, video, sound or any artistic work of an experimental and/or transdisciplinary nature. The main criteria for selection are the quality and coherence of the project proposal and the artist's experience in similar projects.
It is essential that the participant speaks fluent Spanish and is willing to get involved with the culture and specificity of the region.
It is expected that the artist realizes at least one public activity in Concepción, linking especially his / her experiences to an interested community. 


Good knowledge of Spanish is necessary!

Conditions of participation

The hosts obligate themselves to:  
  • Plane-Ticket Germany-Chile, Economy-Class and without rebooking possibility.  
  • Transfer from and to Concepción.
  • Accomodation in the cabin.
  • Meals.
  • Networking with experts, activists, the local art scene and community, in addition to the spreading and documenting of activities during the residency.
  • Support for the financing of the closing ceremony in Santiago. The artist can submit an informal application for a production cost subsidy to the Goethe-Institut Chile.
The resident obligates him/herself to:  
  • Coordination of the general timetable with the team of Galería Metropolitana as well as Goethe-Institut Chile before the stay.
  • Development of the project proposal in contact and dialogue with the team of Galería Metropolitana.
  • Realization of an open studio on the research process in Concepción and Santiago.
  • Take out travel health insurance.  


The jury for this competition is made up of members of the Goethe-Institut Chile and the Galería Metropolitana and reserves the right not to award a residency. 

Application procedure / Closing date for applications

Coordinator of the Open Call: Fernanda Fábrega.
Please submit your residency application form by e-Mail to residencias.goethe.cl@gmail.com by July 31, 2019 using the subject “Residencia Laguna Grande”.

Application Documents  

Applications must be submitted in Spanish and English / German.
  1. Simple copy of a valid passport (page with personal data); with expiry date after March 30, 2020. 
  2. Short biography of 1000 to 1500 characters with spaces in Word, Arial 10, letter format + link to website, if available. 
  3. Portfolio with a maximum of 10 pictures of current pieces and works, a maximum of 5MB in PDF format. 
  4. Research proposal corresponding to the topic of this call for proposals; maximum 1500 characters with spaces. Gladly insert pictures (sketches, photomontages, diagrams, maps, etc.). 
  5. The applicant is free to add any other document that may contribute to the evaluation oft he proposal, but must not exceed 3MB. In case of videos, links may be added. 
  6. Letter of motivation. 
  • The residency is kindly supported by the Kummer-Vanotti-Foundation (https://www.kummer-vanotti-stiftung.de/).
  • The participation in this open call implies full acceptance of the rules. By submitting an application, the artist declares that he / she is the author of the entire content in accordance with the applicable copyright laws.