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Seoul: Seoul Art Space

Who: Artists from Germany

Section: Visual Arts

Duration: 4 – 6 weeks

The Seoul Art Space Project was launched in 2008 as part of a comprehensive “cultural-economic policy”. The main objective is to convert unused spaces into creative workplaces and to create cultural opportunities for local residents.

Seoul Art Space would like to transform urban areas that are currently unused because of changes in the urban structure, such as government buildings, empty factories and unpopular underground shopping centres, into art spaces. This will make it possible for artists from home and abroad to work there on their art and at the same time exchange their artistic inspiration.

Seoul Art Space, which is run by the Art Space Utilization of Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, has a total of nine premises at its disposal. Located in an old printing workshop, the Seoul Art Space_ Geumcheon is a place of creativity for artists and a cultural attraction for the community. It is also currently the facility that is the major participant in the international residency programme, functioning as an international art space that fosters both global and local aesthetics.

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