Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg
ZKM – Centre for Art and Media

ZKM Institute for Music and Acoustics, Karlsruhe; Copyright: ZKM The ZKM was founded in 1989 with the aim of handling the theory and practice of combining the arts with new media. It is considered the only organisation in the world to unite the fields of production and research, exhibitions and events under one roof.

The Institute for Music and Acoustics at the ZKM combines artistic work with research and development of digital technologies. It stages contemporary concerts, symposia and festivals. Visiting artists and scientists work on electro-acoustic productions in the music studios. Projects can be on diverse material, ranging from digital sound synthesis, algorithmic composition and live electronics to radio plays, interactive sound installation and audiovisual productions.

Composition of experimental music, new media. Artists who are concerned with interpretation as well as with sound, sound installations and technologies, and acoustic phenomena.



  • Allowance of 1.500 € per month
  • Interpreters arranged
  • Opportunity to put on a performance, digital technology is supplied
  • Generally 1-2 months
Application guidelines:
  • No application form required. CV, project plan, samples of work to be submitted
  • Productions without existing commercial backing
  • Application deadline: 1 January for the following year / 31 May for the second half of the following year