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“Tanzplan Potsdam: Artists in Residence – Teaching and Research Programme from fabrik Potsdam” is a new “Artists’ Houses Programme” in Brandenburg. The programme is aimed at artists from the fields of dance, choreography and performance and is open to practitioners and theoreticians from all genres. It comprises short-term and long-term residencies as well as the choreography working weeks that are held every summer. Pure research projects are supported as well as productions. In addition to work rooms and accommodation, artistic and technical mentoring and scholarships and travel expense grants are possible. Cooperation with other residency programmes and types of production as well as the “Inter-University Centre Dance – Pilot Project Tanzplan Berlin” are planned.

The programme is open to artists who formulate dance as the central theme of their work and who define discourse with artists and theoreticians from other disciplines and contents as part of the artistic process.

fabrik Potsdam- Internationales
Zentrum für Tanz- und Bewegungskunst
Schiffbauergasse 10
14406 Potsdam
PF 600607
Tel. +49 331 2800314

Sabine Chwalisz


For short-term residencies:

  • Rooms, accommodation and subsistence expenses
  • Maybe coaching
  • Travel expenses for initial arrival and final departure
For long-term residencies:
  • Studio, accommodation and a scholarship of € 450 per week
  • Physical resources, technical support
  • Travel expenses for initial arrival and final departure
  • Short-term residencies: Up to max. 4 weeks
  • Long-term residencies: The duration is variable.
Application guidelines:

For short-term residencies:
  • Simple application with the idea and a recommendation from a mentor of your choice (for young artists)
For long-term residencies:
  • Long-term residencies go to artists who apply with a developed concept
In cooperation with an advisory council (made up of five people with different backgrounds), the artistic management selects the Artists in Residence.