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Deutsches Forum für Figurentheater und Puppenspielkunst (dfp), International Scholarship "Researchers in Residence"

The German Center for Puppetry Art in Bochum invites scholars and interested artists (such as puppeteers, writers and directors) to continue their study of puppetry arts in Bochum.

Deutsches Forum für Figuentheater und Puppenspielkunst (dfp)
Hattingerstraße 467
D-44795 Bochum
Tel. +49 234-47720
Fax +49 234-477


  • guest rooms
  • a small grant per week or optionally support for a visit of a festival/a theatre in another region
  • use of the specialized library that contains a substantial number of international puppetry magazines and over 3500 books on puppetry and related arts
  • use of the archive that holds about 500 videos and DVDs of puppetry and visual theatre performances as well as the programs and brochures of puppet theatres and international puppetry festivals.
  • help to scholarship holders publish the articles that result from their research.


  • 2 or 3 weeks

Application Guidelines:

  • Applications should include a curriculum vitae and a short description of the project in German or English.
    Preferably, applications should be submitted three months before the intended start of the residence