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Sino-German Museum Conversations (2021–2022)

Sino-German Museum Conversations © Goethe-Institut China The Museum Conversations series between German and Chinese museums aims to establish a platform for discussion of topical issues relating to museum cooperation, with a focus on contemporary art, design and intercultural co-curation.

The project is geared towards young but established curators and museum staff who are interested in developing collaborative projects. The first meeting will be held online – due to current circumstances – on 26th – 28th May 2021, and will be attended by eleven museums from Germany and twelve from China.

Museum work in both countries is characterised by different environments, but also by different lines of tradition and reception histories. In an open-ended discussion format the institutions find out about each other’s work practices, as well as are looking at social and aesthetic questions. The project is explicitly intended as a long-term venture, with the hope of establishing a foundation based on substantive dialogue for joint projects ranging from specialist conferences and exchange visits to collaborative exhibitions.

Key words:
Dialogue, cooperation, future of museums

Further information:
Project page at Goethe-Institut China