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Georgia: Learning German in the museum

Learning German in the museum Photo: Goethe-Institut Georgien The Goethe-Institut Georgia has developed content packages for children and young adults in cooperation with the Georgian National Museum, which can be used to teach German in the museum.

In September 2012 a conference attended by high-profile experts from the international museum scene in Tbilisi discussed the role of museums in city living, tourism and with respect to urban development in general. The Why Museums Now? conference was trying to find answers and propose solutions against a backdrop of 21st century social and political challenges.

The upshot of the cooperation between the Georgian National Museum and the Goethe-Institut was the project Deutsch Lernen im Museum, which offers an attractive German learning package and is visible to the public.

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Training, teaching/education

Further information:
Project page at Goethe-Institut Georgien

Georgian National Museum