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China – Germany: Museum Experts Exchange Program (MEEP) (2014-2016)

The three-year exchange programme between German and Chinese museums gave a number of museum employees the opportunity for in-depth exploration of the other country’s culture and museum scene.

The Museum Experts Exchange Program offered a total of 39 Chinese and 35 German museum employees the opportunity of a once-in-a-lifetime professional and personal exchange, which contributed significantly to the establishment of a network between the museums involved. The experiences and adventures of participants are of special importance for future collaboration between German and Chinese museums and create a basis of mutual understanding for future projects.

During the three-week capacity building trips, the top priority was dialogue on a professional level, with other discussion themes including structure and organisation of cultural establishments, exhibition presentation, collection and archive management, as well as portfolio management and restoration projects.

Key words:
Dialogue, museum management, training courses

Further information:
Project page on Tumblr

State Museums of Berlin
Dresden State Art Collections
Bavarian State Painting Collections in Munich
National Art Museum of China (NAMOC)
Shanghai Museum
Guangdong Museum of Art