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Museal Episode (2015-2017)

Museal Episode Photo: Marcelo Resende The international event series addressed the question of whether museums today continue to be appropriate spaces for presentation, documentation, mediation and archiving – or even for interaction between observer and object?

Perspectives of and on museums are in the process of transformation. New models, methods and architectures that transcend conventional approaches to the topic were at the centre of this episode.

The Goethe-Institut and the German Federal Cultural Foundation invited museum directors, curators and professionals involved in related sectors from different countries who are experts on these issues to participate in a series of meetings. Over a three-year period they met at various locations in order to develop new models of presentation, mediation and dialogue. The idea was to generate an exchange of knowledge and ideas from the South to the North and vice-versa.

Key words:
Future of museums, dialogue, visits

Further information:
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Museum of Modern Art in Salvador da Bahia