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Zukunft Museum/Museum Futures© Bettina Kubanek

Zukunft Museum/Museum Futures
Event series

The theme of the first event in Bayreuth on 18 May is the museum as a place for memory and community. On 24 May in Munich, the focus will be on global power and ownership relations and the question of how these permeate international museum cooperations. The panel in Dresden, on 8 June will discuss the relation of museum collections and Ukrainian history. Guests from South Asia, Africa, South America and Europe will exchange views on these key topics. All events will be held in English.

The discussion series accompanies the publication "Zukunft Museum/Museum Futures" (Vienna: Turia + Kant, 2021), which deals with the question of the social function of museums through a large number of texts by international authors and reflects the worldwide work of the Goethe-Institut on the topic of the "museum". In their diversity and heterogeneity, these texts clearly depict the very different social contexts and the different emphases and functions of the museum as an institution. This diversity of questions and future concepts is reflected in the discussion series.


The Museum as Memory:
Towards Multiple Ways of Remembering and Forgetting

18 May 2022, 8 PM
Iwalewahaus Bayreuth, Foyer
Wölfelstraße 2, 95444 Bayreuth

Who owns the museum?
(Post-)Colonial Ownership and Cooperation in the Age of Globalisation

24 May 2022, 7 PM
Lenbachhaus, Georg Knorr Hall
Luisenstraße 33, 80333 Munich

The museum as a mirror of historical ruptures and social discontinuities:
How museum collections tell the history of Ukraine

8 June 2022, 6 PM
Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Lichthof, Albertinum
Tzschirnerplatz 2, 01067 Dresden