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London: Goethe V&A residency

Jumper (Scribble) © Victoria and Albert Museum, London Every two years, the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) and the Goethe-Institut London welcome an artist to their residency programme to work with the V&A’s collection investigating a particular theme.

The Goethe V&A Residency takes place in close collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The residency focuses on art and design, such as fashion design, digital design, sound art, animation and photography. Resident artists work with the V&A’s collection, creating a link between the collection and contemporary design. Through a variety of event formats inherent to the residency, for instance workshops, open studios, discussions, presentations or masterclasses, they invite members of the public to view their work.

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Project page at Goethe-Institut Vereinigtes Königreich

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