What we do

  • Group tour for Berlin Art Week at the invitation of the Federal Foreign Office © Johannes Ebert

    “Berlin was an eye-opener. Also, the exchange among the group was outstanding.
    It was as if we had not only visited Berlin this week, but the whole world.”
    Group tour for Berlin Art Week

  • Museum experts from Russia © Goethe-Institut Besucherprogramm

    “During a visit to the Jewish Museum in Berlin, you realise how important it is to move visitors emotionally”.
    Museum experts from Russia

  • Luz Stella Aponte Jaramillo & Jael Quiroga Carrillo © Goethe-Institut Besucherprogramm

    “Above all, what Colombians can learn from the Germans is how to strengthen democratic institutions.”
    Luz Stella Aponte Jaramillo & Jael Quiroga Carrillo (Colombia)

  • Journalists from South-East Asia on the subject of refugees © Goethe-Institut Besucherprogramm

    “What impressed us most on our tour was Angela Merkel’s statement: ‘We can do it!’”
    Journalists from South-East Asia on the subject of refugees

Visitors Programme

The dual training system, green technologies, concepts for cultural promotion: many German approaches and ideas are of interest to guests from around the world. And regarding many open questions and developments, there is no single answer. That is why we welcome global exchange with journalists and politicians as well as with experts from the fields of education, art and culture from around the world.

To enable this to happen, the Goethe-Institut Visitors Programme plans and organises diverse information tours to Germany. We operate on behalf of the Federal Foreign Office, in cooperation with the Goethe-Instituts abroad and also in cooperation with foundations and cultural institutions.

Cross-border exchange

During their information tour, our guests not only get to know Germany, its cities and landscapes. Above all, they come into contact with German experts and relevant discussion partners in their specialist area. Diverse encounters and exchange on specialist subjects not only promote knowledge and mutual understanding – they also enable networking to take place, which helps to develop long-term cross-border cooperation. The search for answers to the questions of the future of a globalised world is something that can only be done together.

Whether a tour is designed for Finnish school-leavers, DJs from Indonesia, TV teams from Brazil, foreign language experts from Russia or political representatives from the Pacific states, the Visitors Programme offers individually tailored information tours for more than 1,200 guests each year.

Each tour is unique

We at the Visitors Programme take up a wide variety of subjects that are relevant for our guests. The occasion for a tour may be current events, such as a Bundstag election, a design trade fair or film festival, developments in the field of renewable energies, or the reflective treatment of our own history. Multilingual, academically-qualified accompanying guides look after our visitors.

The way in which we design the content of a tour is always closely discussed with all concerned. It is our aim to address the specific interests and wishes of the foreign guests and the ordering party in a fresh, individual way every time. That is what makes each tour absolutely unique.