Europe – what now?

Europa - what now? Illustration: © Tobias Schrank

Crisis, Brexit, swing to the right: we mainly talk about the EU only when it’s burning. The European elections are a good opportunity to ask: What do we want from the EU? What could it still be? How do we want to shape it? Europe – what now?

Hey EU, here’s what I want! © Goethe-Institut/3PC

Hey EU, here’s what I want!

In May, Europeans will elect a new EU Parliament. A good reason to ask them: What does the EU mean to you? In your everyday life? What challenges is it facing? And what do you want from the EU?

Together rather than alone

What does the EU bring to our daily lives? In other words, what happens when a country no longer belongs to the EU? Answers from different perspectives – illustrated by illustrators from all over Europe.

About the author

Eric Bonse is a freelance journalist and EU correspondent for “taz. die tageszeitung” and has been working in Brussels since 2004; previously he worked in Paris for seven years. He runs the blog “Lost in EUrope”.

At the end of 2018 he published his e-book “Der verhinderte Neustart – Ist die EU noch reformierbar?” (The Hindered New Start – Is the EU still reformable?).

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Eight European authors attempt a narrative exploration of the meaning of freedom for Europe. Their short stories reflect their different experiences and systemic influences.

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