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Europe’s Kitchen

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What happens to ideas of Europe, togetherness and sharing when considered from the vantage point of the kitchen? Find out! Step into Europe’s Kitchen

Stations of Europe`s Kitchen

What happens when we invite artists and strangers to one table? In these 11 countries physical or virtual encounters will take place in private, public or metaphorical kitchens.


Europe´s Kitchen Documentary

Europe´s Kitchen Tallinn

Europe`s Kitchen Palermo

Europe´s kitchen Madrid

 EU 2020 - Europe's kitchen - Chania Day 1 © Goethe-Institut

Europe`s Kitchen Chania: Day one

 EU 2020 - Europe's kitchen - Chania Day 2 © Goethe-Institut

Europe`s Kitchen Chania: Day two

Chania Day three © Herr Willie

Europe´s Kitchen: Day three

Europe`s Kitchen Ljubljana: Visual Response by Dora Kaštrun

Video Europaküche Wroclaw

Europe´s Kitchen Wrocław

Ivana Sajko. Exercises for being together

Europe´s Kitchen Marseille

Teaserbild Medienresonanz Europaküche WDR

13.11.2020: WDR3
Kultur am Mittag

Author: Cornelia Wegerhoff

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 © Jeannette Ehlers

Europe´s Kitchen Glasgow

Europe´s kitchen Copenhagen

Deutschlandfunk Kultur: Fazit from 14.08.2020


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Standbild © Goethe-Institut


by Mandula van den Berg 


These three bloggers will accompany Europe`s Kitchen throughout the year. Their contributions will be available here.

Marie Detjen © Marie Detjen

Marie Detjen

Marie Detjen lives in Berlin and London. Her passion for Henry James and the German Civil Code lead her to pursue a law degree next to her studies in social science and literature. When she’s not in university, she works as an assistant editor for Verfassungsblog, writes fiction, and plays the piano.

Mohammed Z. Rahman © STEP

Mohammed Z. Rahman

Mohammed Z. Rahman is a writer, visual artist and keen cook based in London. He has a BA in Social Anthropology and worked on projects with Tate Modern and the Smithsonian Institute. Mohammed’s short fiction and art inescapably gravitate towards images of food as a foundation of community and self. More recently he has gained experience catering for small events with Queer Masala, a community kitchen for Queer people of colour.

Mandula van den Berg © Marianne Hommersom

Mandula van den Berg

Mandula van den Berg is Dutch/Hungarian, and grew up in Amsterdam before moving to Berlin. She mostly writes literary non-fiction and paints, but is also part of the Oorzaken Podcast Academy 2020. Mandula is interested in (Visual) Anthropology, Everyday Life History and Literature, with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe. Right now, she is working on a project about Socialist cowboys in East Germany which she has written about for ZEIT Online.

“Europe’s Kitchen” is a project by the Goethe-Institut, supported with special funds from the Federal Foreign Office for the German EU Council Presidency 2020.
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