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Lesende junge Erwachsene mit Kopfhörern Foto: VOISIN/PHANIE © picture alliance / Phanie
Book cover: Martin: Hope © Dressler

Peer Martin
Escape and Arrive – or Die

War, drug cartels, climate change, migration and racism – Peer Martin takes on all these issues in his new young-adult novel whilst telling the story of two boys: a 19-year-old Canadian who helps an 11-year-old Somali escape to Canada.

Book cover: Immer kommt mir das Leben dazwischen © Mixtvision

Kathrin Schrocke
Grandpa’s Orders from the Great Beyond

Karl's grandpa died watching a penalty shootout on TV. Now he appears to his grandson in a dream, telling him to quit school and become a YouTuber. Sounds like a great idea, but that’s not all grandpa wants of him.

Book cover: Grüne Gurken © Mixtvision

Lena Hach
A Späti romance

Most people think Berlin is awesome and absolutely want to go there. Lotte, the main character in Lena Hach's young-adult novel, disagrees – at least at the outset.

Book cover: Lucky Luke sattelt um © Lucky Comics, 2019. All Rights Reserved – by Mawil

Lucky Luke switches rides

What would Lucky Luke be without his horse Jolly Jumper? Berlin-based comics artist Mawil has penned an adventure that puts the friendship between horse and cowboy to a tough test.

Book cover: 100 Karten, die deine Sicht auf die Welt verändern © Hoffmann und Campe

Charts that Explain the World

The magazine Katapult in Greifswald seeks to present social science findings in a creative and graphically interesting way. And it succeeds very well indeed. Now the 100 best of these graphics have been published in book form.