Culinary Journey through Europe
The European Cookbook

Your recipe for Europe © Europanetzwerk Deutsch/Nachtmann

Europe is diverse, manifold and hospitable: with the help of your recipe suggestion, we will create the first Europanetzwerk Deutsch cookbook on the occasion of Europe Day! Send us a recipe by 30st September 2021 that you would like to share with your European friends - from your home country or an EU member state of your choice. The cookbook is supported by the patronage of Sarah Wiener.

Patron Sarah Wiener
Patron Sarah Wiener | © Sarah Wiener / Fotograf: Christin Kaufmann (Zuschnitt)
Sarah Wiener is a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), cook, entrepreneur, author, organic farmer and hobby beekeeper. Sarah Wiener became known to a wide audience through various TV formats. She is the founder of the Sarah Wiener Foundation and has been a non-party MEP in the European Parliament since 2019, campaigning for sustainable agriculture and the right to a healthy and self-determined diet for all.

"Through my passion for cooking, I very soon came across the quality of food - without fertile soils, robust, diverse, regional cultivars and old breeds, not only is biodiversity impoverished in the field, but also on the plate. True enjoyment always goes hand in hand with benefits for humans, animals and plants. I became a politician in the EU Parliament to promote and protect healthy and diverse food. Food is political." (Sarah Wiener)

Let's get started!

1. Decide which of your delicious recipes for starters, main courses or desserts you would like to send us using the recipe form (see below).
2. If you like, you can also let us know what history you associate with your recipe and European cuisine. You are welcome to send us an additional photo.

EU-Course Hamburg 2020
EU-Course Hamburg 2020 | © Europanetzwerk Deutsch
3. Fill in the recipe form by 30st September 2021 - send it off and you're done!
We will present the culinary collection to you on Europe Day 2022. All participants will receive a copy of the cookbook upon completion.
Your submissions may be edited by us.

Recipe form

Please fill out the recipe form completely in German and send it as a Word document to

Vegetable SK Pixabay (Zuschnitt)