Goethe-Lab Sprache

Goethe-Lab Sprache

Focusing on the future,
not the status quo.

We are on a mission: the Goethe-Lab Sprache team is devoted to the further development of the online portfolio as a high-quality, tailor-made language program for German learners worldwide. The strategy? Including future-oriented technology and greater flexibility through a modular setup of digital learning options to achieve more client centricity and an optimal fit for each individual learner.

About Goethe-Lab Sprache

To meet the changing habits and needs of international learners in our digital age, the Goethe-Lab Sprache places the main emphasis on the learner in the development of products and services. The early and continual involvement of learners ensures customized solutions for learning German in a digital environment.

Worldwide Network: Language experts, start-ups, German learners, scientific research institutions, Goethe-Institut, experts in digital transformation


User Research: Market research, surveys, usability tests, deep-dive interviews, design sprints



We are interested in future-oriented technologies in the context of digital-based learning processes.

Do you share our interest or consider yourself an expert on learning analytics, speech recognition software or automated text analysis?
Then, we’d be happy to hear from you:

Beginnings and mile stones