Filming Action

Filming Tour “Action Reconciliation”
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On their tour to film the work of the Action Reconciliation Service for Peace, American film-makers Todd Whitman (director) and Rick Hirschhaut (producer) visited memorial sites in Berlin und Sachsenhausen where they interviewed directors, researchers and peace service workers.

Todd Whitman (RIGHT)

“The English word ‘reconciliation’ is not easy to translate into German. It can be translated as Versöhnung (i.e. the act of reconciliation) but also as Sühne.(i.e. atonement or making amends). Reconciliation requires two parties. In the case of German-Jewish relationships, however, what is involved is rather making amends – redress – like the working title of our film. In my opinion, this is a task for the Germans that will never be completed.”

Rick Hirschhaut (LEFT) 

“Our film, Making Amends, a documentary on Action Reconciliation Service for Peace, has the power to show that Germany today is different – and this story must be told. Just like the original idea for the Action Reconciliation Service for Peace programme: to show that the Germans accept their obligations deriving from the Nazi past.“