Cultural Education and Discourse

Leuphana Universität/ Goethe-Institut Photo: Loredana La Rocca
Cultural Education and Discourse play a crucial role in the understanding and self-reflection of societies. The Goethe-Institut supports these processes, makes an active contribution to them and offers platforms and meeting places for artists, academics and journalists. It cooperates with partners and experts worldwide, strengthens innovative developments and tests new event formats.
The Goethe-Institut initiates and supports worldwide educational programmes for the further training of cultural professionals in the fields of cultural management and entrepreneurship, advises cultural institutions and networks participating stakeholders. It engages in the fields of cultural and digital education and focuses on topics being debated in the public, the media and science.

This includes dealing with topics such as post-colonialism, migration and displacement, gamification and cultures of remembrance. The special focus is on the three main topics “How does the new come into the world?” “Cultures of equality” and “Ecology and sustainability.”

Current projects of the Goethe-Institut worldwide:

Cultural and creative industries

Online manual for cultural entrepreneurship hubs based on experiences from Thessaloniki, Jakarta and Johannesburg



For people from all over the world further training or studying at a German institution, the Alumniportal Deutschland links them with one another, with businesses and with universities.

Current Events

Here you can find further information or current events regarding Cultural Education and Discourse.
Imprisonment during the Spaziergangsdemo in Dezember 1966 Copyright: Gretchen Dutschke-Klotz

1968 and Europe's new right

A conference in Hamburg will discuss the consequences of the 1968 movement for Europe and especially the question: How did we move from left to right?

Nationaltheater Weimar Photo: Thomas Müller

100 years Weimar

The Weimar Constitution – An Impulse for Current International Debates
A symposium organised by the Goethe-Institut, the Dramaturgische Gesellschaft and the DNT, February 2, 2019