Cooperation Ethnological Museums Luanda – Berlin

Paola Ivanov, Engrácia da Oliveira and Gabriele Stiller-Kern Paola Ivanov and Gabriele Stiller-Kern look at a throne from Angola in Berlin with Engrácia de Oliveira from the Museu Nacional de Antropologia. | © Goethe-Institut Angola The Ethnological Museum of Berlin houses one of the world's most important and oldest collections of Angolan art. It is closely linked to the collection of the Museu Nacional de Antropologia in Luanda.

The Cooperation Ethnological Museums Luanda – Berlin – which was started in 2018 – is a cooperation between the Goethe-Institut Angola, the Museu Nacional de Antropologia (Luanda) and the Ethnological Museum of Berlin. Its aim is to explore the collections of both museums and interrogate their history, as well as to make them relevant for a present-day audience with cross-referencing and jointly developed content.

The most important sub-project is the establishment of a separate restoration department at the Museu Nacional de Antropologia, which, in addition to technical equipment, also includes a one-year specialist training course for staff. This project is supported with project funds from the Federal Foreign Office.


Key words:
Restoration/conservation, infrastructure, colonial heritage

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Ethnological Museum of Berlin (Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation SPK)
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