Learning German

German learners in Kairo
Photo: Bernhard Ludewig
The Goethe-Institut runs various language courses on an international basis. All culminate in exams which are recognised worldwide. The institutes also organise individual and specialist courses which are geared towards specific topics and requirements.

The Research and Development unit at the head office in Munich collates teaching, exam and training material for German as a foreign and second language.

The Teacher Liaison unit works with local education authorities and German teacher associations abroad to promote German in the classroom and lecture hall. The unit provides further training for teachers and develops teaching materials tailored to suit the culture and learning traditions of the host country.

Cultural events aimed at both teachers and students of German, such as exhibitions, readings by authors, competitions, rock concerts, study grants and visitors’ programmes, mirror the current cultural and political climate in Germany.

Through selective publicity the Goethe-Institut aims to awaken public cultural and economic interest in German as a foreign language.

Opportunities for students and teachers of German

Goethe-Institut brings the German language to the world.