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From information point to intercultural training

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The evaluation of the “Pre-Integration in the South-East Asian Region” project shows how the Goethe-Institut is preparing migrants from South-East Asia for life in Germany.

By Goethe-Institut

Since it became a legal requirement for a spouse wishing to join their partner in Germany to prove that they have German language skills, the Goethe-Institut has introduced a range of pre-integration programmes and services for migrants. In South-East Europe and South-East Asia in particular, various offers are now available to equip migrants with the language skills they need for a life in Germany. A further aim is to make the experience of migration easier until they can access integration services after their arrival.

In addition to targeting spouses wishing to migrate to Germany, the courses increasingly focus on professionals who are moving to Germany for work purposes and who wish to prepare for every-day life and the workplace environment before leaving their home country.

The Goethe-Institut’s three-year project “Pre-integration in the South-East Asian Region” provided services for both these target groups. A full evaluation of the project took place at the end of the project in 2017. The results bear witness to its success: The evaluation shows that the services provided within the project framework were viewed very positively by participants before they left their home country, while those who are now living in Germany report that the courses prepared them very thoroughly for the experience of migration.