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Slovenia and its multilingualism.© greenvalleypicture

Europe. Your Languages.
Slovenia and its multilingualism.

Meeting place of different cultures in a multilingual Europe.

With the assumption of the EU Council Presidency on 1 July 2021, Slovenia entered the third and final round of the trinational EU Council Presidency after Germany and Portugal.  Under the motto "Together. Making Europe strong again", the trinational EU Presidency had begun with Germany in the second half of 2020; Slovenia continued this idea with the motto "Together. Resilient. Europe." and at the same time rounds off the trinational EU Council Presidency.

This also concludes the conference series Europe. Your Languages. in the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Ljubljana with a programme presenting Slovenia as a cosmopolitan, well-educated and economically stable member of the European Union and providing perspectives on the "meeting point of different cultures in a multilingual Europe".

Slovenia And Its Multilingualism. Video From 21 October 2021

Aufzeichnung Europa. Deine Sprachen.: Slowenien und seine Mehrsprachigkeit. © Screenshot Europanetzwerk Deutsch


You can watch the video in English or Slovenian.