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Deutsch Online Training
Deutsch Online Grammatik

As we all know, the exception proves the rule. When it comes to learning a foreign language, it is by mastering the exceptions that you reach the highest level of proficiency. Do you already have excellent knowledge of German and are now striving to hone your syntax and grammar skills? If so, then the DEUTSCH ONLINE GRAMMATIK course for students at level C1 and higher will be perfect for you. The course fits flexibly into your schedule and offers personal support from your instructor.

€ 597,- *

You decide when you want to start the course, beginning with the Goethe-Institut’s placement test. The course consists of nine professionally developed exercise units for you to work through on the Goethe-Institut’s learning platform. The first eight units each focus on a specific grammar topic, such as prepositions or modal verbs. The final exercise unit is a test to check your individual progress.

You can repeat the exercises on the learning platform as often as you like. You can also apply what you have learned by writing short texts on current affairs. With some exercises you can check your results immediately on the computer. With others you will receive corrections and comments from your instructor. At the end of each exercise unit, you will be given individual feedback with helpful learning tips.

Deutsch Online Training: Grammatik Niveau C1/C2
Contents/tasks 9 chapters with tasks
Learning material
Chapters can be found on the Goethe-Institut learning platform
Total processing time
54-72 hours depending on individual learning speed (equivalent to approx. 72-96 lesson units of a classroom-based course)
Duration of training max. 9 months
Support from personal tutors
Max. learning progress consolidation of existing grammar skills
Online live sessions not provided
Support languages German only
Qualification Certificate of participation on successful completion
Price € 597,--

Technical requirements  
Essential a good internet connection, a headset 
Operating system Windows, MacOs
Browser Internet Explorer ® in the most recent version, Firefox ® in the most recent version, Apple Safari in the most recent version
Bandwidth 512 kbps


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We'll send you a grading test after you've booked.
That's why we don't let you select a language level when you book. If you've taken a course or passed an exam in the last 6 months, it's fine for you to send proof of participation/certificate instead of taking the test.

* Course VAT-exempt in accordance with Para. 4 (21) a) bb) UStG