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Deutsch Online Training
Deutsch Online Schreiben

Whether it’s an email, postcard, or seminar paper, it takes practice to write well in German. The training DEUTSCH ONLINE SCHREIBEN for levels A2 to C2 is devoted to mastering the challenges of written German and honing your vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills. You decide when to start the training and when you want to learn.

€ 597,- *

You start by taking the Goethe-Institut’s placement test. In the training, you will practice your writing skills using nine specially developed exercise units. The first eight units each deal with a specific topic such as “Everyday life in Germany,” “Media,” or “School and education.” Through the various written exercises, you will broaden your vocabulary, expand your knowledge of grammar, and learn correct sentence structures.

The last exercise unit reviews the topics you have covered, the vocabulary you have learned, and the grammar you have practiced, and allows you to write fluent texts. You will thus see how you have progressed and improved your ability to express yourself in writing.

Your personal instructor will support you via email for the entire duration of the training. He or she will correct your texts, write detailed comments, and share learning tips, thus giving you individual feedback to help you further improve your writing skills in German.

After completing the training, you will receive a certificate of attendance from the Goethe-Institut.
Deutsch Online Training: Schreiben Level A2.1 to C2
9 chapters with tasks to submit
Learning material
chapters can be found on the Goethe-Institut learning platform
Total processing time
54-72 hours depending on individual learning speed (equivalent to approx. 72-96 lesson units of a classroom-based course)
Duration of training max. 6 months
Support from personal tutors
Max. learning progress
improvement of written expression based on your current course level
Online live sessions not provided
Support languages German only
Certificate of participation on successful completion
Price € 597,--
Technical requirements  
Essential  a good internet connection, a headset 
Operating system  Windows, MacOs 
Browser Internet Explorer ® in the most recent version, Firefox ® in the most recent version, Apple Safari in the most recent version 
Bandwidth 512 kbps

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We'll send you a grading test after you've booked.
That's why we don't let you select a language level when you book. If you've taken a course or passed an exam in the last 6 months, it's fine for you to send proof of participation/certificate instead of taking the test.

* Course VAT-exempt in accordance with Para. 4 (21) a) bb) UStG