Level A1
Radio D

Radio D: Level A1

Is King Ludwig really still alive? Reporting to Radio D, Paula and Philipp investigate at Castle Neuschwanstein. The suspense continues when the encounter a shark in the port of Hamburg and meet witches at Cologne's carnival.

Visit in the Country Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Visit in the Country

Philipp drives to his mother’s in the country. 

Phone Call from Radio D Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Phone Call from Radio D

Philipp gets a phone call from Paula, who is an editor at Radio D.

Journey to Berlin Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Journey to Berlin

After getting Paula’s call, Philipp is in a rush to get back to the editorial office as quickly as he can.

Waiting for their Colleague Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Waiting for their Colleague

In the Radio D editorial office in Berlin Paula, Ayhan and Josefine are waiting for Philipp.

King Ludwig Alive Grafik: Goethe-Institut

King Ludwig Alive

Finally Philipp arrives at Radio D in Berlin and he and Paula get their first assignment

How did King Ludwig Die? Grafik: Goethe-Institut

How did King Ludwig Die?

Philipp and Paula arrive at Neuschwanstein castle.

Ludwig the Fairy-tale King Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Ludwig the Fairy-tale King

A new radio play provides us with an insight into the life of King Ludwig II. 

Unmasking the Stranger Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Unmasking the Stranger

The young journalists from Radio D interview the mysterious stranger.

Music for Ludwig Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Music for Ludwig

Paula tries to phone Philipp to tell him about her discovery.

Interview with King Ludwig Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Interview with King Ludwig

In a restaurant Philipp meets a man whose voice seems very familiar to him. 

The Speaking Owl Grafik: Goethe-Institut

The Speaking Owl

Josefine goes up to the owl Eulalia and speaks to her.

Listeners’ Letters Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Listeners’ Letters

In this lesson, Radio D listeners ask the professor questions.

Carnival Monday Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Carnival Monday

Paula and Philipp have to drive to the Black Forest. Carnival is being celebrated.

Witches in the Black Forest Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Witches in the Black Forest

Philipp has been taken off into the tumult of the Carnival by the witches and has lost his bearings.

Carnival Costumes Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Carnival Costumes

Paula and Philipp are reporting on the various costumes the people at the carnival are wearing.

Icarus Grafik: Goethe-Institut


The story of Daedalus and Icarus is told in a radio play.

Crop Circles Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Crop Circles

Could aliens possibly have landed their UFOs in a corn field?

Observation by Night Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Observation by Night

Paula and Philipp are still researching the cause of these mysterious crop circles.

The Fraud is Uncovered Grafik: Goethe-Institut

The Fraud is Uncovered

Eulalia is convinced that there are such things as UFOs.

Listener Survey Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Listener Survey

Callers express their opinions about the phony crop circles.

A Shark in Hamburg Grafik: Goethe-Institut

A Shark in Hamburg

Paula and Philipp are doing some research in the port of Hamburg.

The Missing Surfer Grafik: Goethe-Institut

The Missing Surfer

Paula buys a newspaper and discovers a photo in it which really shocks her.

A Diver with Shark Fins Grafik: Goethe-Institut

A Diver with Shark Fins

Eulalia turns up in Hamburg with some interesting information.

The Hamburg News Grafik: Goethe-Institut

The Hamburg News

Do their fellow journalists at the Hamburg News have something to do with the mysterious shark?

Greeting the Ships Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Greeting the Ships

Paula has been researching the meaning of the expression “das ist getürkt”.

Ayhan’s Farewell Grafik: Goethe-Institut

Ayhan’s Farewell

Ayhan's father in Turkey needs help. His colleagues organise a farewell party.