First paths in Germany
Exercises on A1 level

Nevin is new in Germany and needs to master a lot of new challenges: She is taking a bus for the first time, for example, and starts a new job. Nevin also needs to go to a doctor's appointment, sign a mobile-phone contract, and find new friends. Watch different video clips and complete corresponding exercises.  

  • Mein Weg nach Deutschland Foto: Goethe-Institut
  • Mein Weg nach Deutschland © Goethe-Institut
  • Mein Weg nach Deutschland © Goethe-Institut

What Do you Learn?

In working throught the App Mein Weg nach Deutschland, you expand and strengthen your vocabularies and grammar on A1 level for eight topics: On the bus, looking for a job, at work, finding new friends, at the doctor's, flat-hunting, out on the street, and signing a mobile-phone contract. Every chapter starts with a 7-minute video, which depicts an everyday-life experience of Nevin. Afer the video, you may complete vocabulary and grammar exercises. 
The app is free, and available for iOS and Android.

How do You Learn?

In every chapter, you'll find a video clip and a variety of exercises. Ideally, you will first watch the video and subsequently answer questions of what happens in the video. You may be asked to fill in gaps in a text, or fill in a crossword puzzle. Some exercises involve putting into the right order elements of a sentence, or you might be asked to drag and drop text elements to corresponding images. 
All exercises are short, so you can play on the bus or in short breaks.