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IDO contestants’ programme
Online IDO 3–7 August 2020

IDO 2020 Digital © Goethe-Institut

Here we go! The IDO will be taking place online for the very first time, in an innovative digital format, from 3 to 7 August. In this section you’ll find out what experiences lie in store for you as a contestant this year.

There’s plenty to look forward to, whether it be exciting contests, concerts, worldwide cross-border exchange formats or interesting workshops. Some thrilling highlights await you each day of the contest in the two time zone groups "EAST" and "WEST". There are different time zones within each time zone group as well.

So consult the programme plans to find out which countries belong to which time zone and which of the two time zone groups. Naturally, the two groups have some events in common. Your friends, teachers and family can be in on the action there (DABEI SEIN!): among other things, they can join you – live – for the opening, a live concert and the award ceremony. You decide who can and should join you there.

Consult your programme to see which other events are open to both time zone groups and to outsiders too. For more information about the attendance of your friends, family and teachers, see the section “LIVE STREAMS AND IMPRESSIONS: DABEI SEIN!”

2020 IDO programme time zone EAST

2020 IDO programme time zone WEST