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#oekoropa: Europe-wide youth competition on sustainable travel© Goethe-Institut


Under the #oekoropa we are looking for young people who have a desire for a green journey through Europe in 2021.
You are students between 16 and 19 years? Then join us and develop a concept for a climate neutral tour through Europa.
You decide whether your trip should be virtual or physical!
Submit your concept and win one of our prizes!

* The closing date for entries is 1st October 2020.

 *** Congratulations to the winners of our fast developer award (bronze prize) to the win of 5.000 €! ***

Explanatory video of the competition

#Oekoropa logo
How do we want to travel in Europe in future without polluting the environment?

What can we do specifically against rising carbon dioxide emissions?

How can we raise awareness of responsible mobility across Europe?

You, too, can join in from home!

Form teams on platforms, jointly create an innovative concept for circular tours from your hometown to the trio capitals of the EU Council Presidency (Berlin, Lisbon, and Ljubljana), and devise an idea for inspiring the public for a sustainable Europe.

The five teams that submit their travel concepts and fulfil all the criteria first will each receive €5,000 to implement sustainable measures at their school. The teams with the ten best concepts can start their journey in spring/summer 2021 and will receive financial support for this subject to the availability of budget funds. There is also an amazing prize for the Grand Prize winning team. It’s totally worth it!


Winners of our fast developer Award

We congratulate the winners of our fast developer prize (bronze prize) on winning 5.000 € for sustainable measures at their school!

These five teams were the quickest to submit their concepts for a climate-neutral trip to the cities of Berlin, Ljubljana and Lisbon in full.

 The winners are:

Our congratulations to the winners:
Unser Gratulationsgruß an die Gewinner*innenteams

Everything important about the competition

#oekoropa: General conditions of participation ©Tobias Schrank

General conditions of participation

Each team consists of 3 to 4 pupils aged between 16 and 19 years.


#oekoropa: Anmeldeformular © Goethe-Institut, Illustration: Tobias Schenk

Registration form

The concepts, written in German, must be submitted with a registration form and signed Conditions of Participation. The deadline is 1 October 2020.

Wegweiser mit Globus und zwei EU-Koffer © Goethe-Institut, Illustration: Tobias Schrank

The Concept

Each concept consists of two parts: the circular tour and an accompanying public relations strategy. 

Lolli © Goethe-Institut, Illustration: Tobias Schrank


In addition to unforgettable experiences, attractive prizes await you when you take part in the #oekoropa youth competition.

#oekoropa: Jury © Goethe-Institut, Illustration: Tobias Schrank


A jury of experts will decide the winners of the Sustainability Prize in October 2020.

“#oekoropa” is a project by the Goethe-Institut, supported with special funds from the Federal Foreign Office for the German EU Council Presidency 2020. 

Hellgrünes Logo des Goethe-Instituts auf weißem Grund Logo EU 2020


You can send questions about the #oekoropa competition to the following email address:


Under the project #oekoropa we are looking for young people who are interested in a sustainable journey to the cities of Lisbon, Berlin and Ljubljana in 2021.
Submit your two-part concept on our website.
The first part provides a detailed description of your environmentally friendly round trip to the mentioned stations.
The second part describes a communication strategy with which you want to draw the attention of as many people as possible to your trip as well as to topics related to sustainable travel.
Each team consists of at least 3 to maximum 4 students
There is no limit on how many teams can participate per school. However, the different teams should develop their own, independent concepts.
Since this project is funded by the German Foreign Office during the German Council Presidency, only students from EU member states are addressed.
Due to the transition period, students from Great Britain may also participate.
Sometimes it can take a while until you receive the confirmation of receipt. If you still haven't heard from us after three days, don't hesitate to contact oekoropa@goethe.de.
- Each team member must be between 16 and 19 years old at the time of concept submission.
- Pupils from general or vocational schools in EU member states may participate.
- More information can be found on our website under "General conditions of participation".
Rapid Developer Prizes (Bronze):
- The authors of the first five concepts (parts 1 and 2), which are received by July 31, 2020 at the latest and meet all the criteria mentioned, will each receive 5.000 EUR for environmental protection measures for their school.

Sustainability Prizes (Silver):
- The ten teams with the most convincing concepts will receive a bicycle for each team member as a gift.
- In addition, they will also be able to start their journey in spring/summer 2021.

Grand Prize #oekoropa (Gold):
- Of the ten groups of students* travelling, the school of the team with the most public presentation and travel documentation will finally receive the main prize #oekoropa, a very special surprise prize.