People have always been aware of the importance of this. They worshipped the Sun as a god, called the Earth their mother and recognised air and water spirits. At the same time they made use of the elements. The result was progress.

But where’s the limit? People have exploited the globe’s raw materials, polluted the air and water, and are in the process of destroying the natural equilibrium. Now that so much has been destabilised as a result of handling the elements carelessly – and has in some cases been lost forever – an era of rethinking has now begun.

Our interactive exhibition aims to raise awareness of environmental themes, addressing young people in particular. It follows the four elements of water, fire, earth and air. A section of the exhibition is dedicated to each of these four elements.

In the entrance area moving images appeal to the emotions, drawing visitors into the theme. The main gallery displays the element, its significance and usefulness, as well as providing facts. It examines the past, showcases the present and offers a glimpse of the future. Innovative technologies show that progress and environmental protection do not contradict each other per se. Exciting examples of bionic engineering round off the exhibition.

Our exhibition is targeted at school-age children and young people. It aims to raise awareness of the environment. It does not attempt to communicate simple messages: instead the point is that visitors are inspired to continue looking into the theme – maybe by using our website on this subject, but of course also in their school classes, in the form of projects or topic-based activities.

Project Manager at the Goethe-Institut:
Sigrid Savelsberg

Exhibition concept:
Würth & Winderoll


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