Make your own fire...

How can you make fire with no matches or lighter? Here are a few practical tips.


A bow-drill set consists of five parts – bearing block, drill, hearth board, bow and ember pan.
  Bow-drill set

Here’s how it works...

First put the hearth board flat on the ground and secure it with your foot.

Hearth board

Now put the drill on the board and rotate it quickly by rubbing between your palms.


To rotate the drill faster, you can use a bow to help you. It should be about as long as your arm.

Bow length

This is how you twist the drill into the bow:

Twisting the drill into the bow

And now: twist, twist, twist. It doesn’t take long until the end of the wood becomes hot and the drill dust formed in the soft wood begins to glow. Add a little dry moss and keep twisting until it smoulders.

Making a fire

Blow the embers carefully to create a flame.

glut inflame

And there you have it!


Want to find out more? The full instructions can be found here:

© Photos: Wildnisschule Wildniswissen