Attack in Paris “We are all Charlie Hebdo!”

The Goethe-Institut and its staff join in the international show of solidarity for the victims of the deadly attack in Paris.

Political satire is an inherent part of culture in France, Germany and elsewhere. It is a manifestation of the freedom of expression and of the press, and serves to enlighten. We wish to express our concern regarding the horrible attacks, which are also an attack on fundamental universal values. Together with our friends in France and around the world, we continue to advocate, now more than ever, for dialogue, exchange, and understanding.  

The Goethe-Institut’s secretary general, Johannes Ebert, was visibly devastated after the attack on the editors of the Paris-based satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, in which 12 people were killed. “The Goethe-Institut and all organisations involved in cultural dialogue need to make their stance known. A violent assault on universal values is completely unjustified. Together, we must find a way to preserve and expand freedom of expression and the press: We are all Charlie Hebdo!”