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Frankfurt Book Fair
Digitisation, Ecology and Justice

At the world’s premier fair for printed and digital content.
At the world’s premier fair for printed and digital content. | Photo: Frankfurt Book Fair/Anett Weirauch

Every October, the media and publishing sector gathers in Frankfurt for the world’s premier exhibition for print and digital content. It is also considered a stage for the debate about international socio-political events. The Goethe-Institut is also on site with an exciting programme.

How do we want to live? Will algorithms decide our future? From 16 to 20 October, the Goethe-Institut will address the urgent questions of the present and visions for the future in its appearance at the Frankfurt Book Fair. It’s about digitisation, ecology and justice. The focus is on the exchange between continents and different cultural perspectives.

Books Are Not Dead. Books Are Not Dead. | Photo: Frankfurt Book Fair/Anett Weirauch

Cultural networks linking Africa and Europe

The Weltempfang stage is once again the meeting point this year. That’s where Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, the president of the Goethe-Institut, will discuss cultural networks linking Africa and Europe with the author and project leader of Afro Young Adult Zukiswa Wanner and author and editor Philipp Khabo Koepsell. Secretary-general Johannes Ebert, journalist and curator Oulimata Gueye and director Susanne Kennedy will talk about the importance of art and culture in the future as well as the role of creative artists in civil society discourses. Other guests of the Goethe-Institut include Alexander Kluge, Joseph Vogl and Katharina Zweig.

Insights into translation funding are provided by events on Books First, the project for the English-speaking world as part of the Year of Germany in the USA, and the Litrix translation programme. Greek has been the focus of attention this year.

You can find the complete programme of the Goethe-Institut at the Frankfurt Book Fair here.