Freely Adapted from Schiller – Robbers from Cameroon in the Ruhr Valley

(21 March 2014) The Robbers ended up in Cameroon’s forest savannah. Together with the OTHNI Theatre laboratory in Yaoundé, directors Martin Ambara and Arne Pohlmeier adapted Friedrich Schiller’s play as a musical. It is, however, very freely adapted, for the scenes chosen from the classic have been transferred to the contemporary context and made more acute. The influences of both Germany’s and Cameroon’s culture is perceptible, for example Schiller’s highwaymen become roaming bards, called mvet, who have a long tradition in the west of Central Africa.

It took years for the musical to premier in Yaoundé and now Nangaboko! – Brigands! is touring the Ruhr Valley as a guest performance with the support of the Goethe-Institut Cameroon and other partners. WDR3 will also broadcast recordings of a concert with the participating artists.