Goethe Scene Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!
Copyright: Detlef Hartung

In Tunis, on the Place d'Afrique at the heart of Tunisia’s capital city, a celebration is going on with a light installation, a photo exhibition, short films and music by the Beyond Borders Band and DJ Habibi from Cologne. The reason for the happy mood? After nine years of waiting, the Goethe-Institut Tunis has moved back into its original building. The institute is one of the oldest in the region. The Goethe-Institut has done its work here since 1958, but had to leave the building in 2006 and spread itself out across a number of office buildings in the city. From here, it accompanied the Arab Spring with diversified cultural work. “Many artists, young ones in particular, believe in the power of art,” said Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, the president of the Goethe-Institut, at the reopening. “For them, education and culture are the only ways that lead to democracy. For them, art is not naïve, but serves the people in order to change things, to question stereotypes, to help good policies to a breakthrough and to give young people perspectives.”